Friday, June 3, 2011


Woke up to the smell of fresh cooked meat. Jesse had killed something big, He was now wearing animal skins around him as he squatted by the fire, chewing on a chunk of meat. "What is that?" I ask.

He just stares at the fire as he chews. "Moooo" he says. A cow? He killed a cow?!? I'm not complaining. it ain't a Big Mac but hey, it would do.

We walked to the creek to check the traps. Still no beavers, but Jesse smiled as he pointed at the traps. I just shake my head.

We start making our way back to camp now. Jesse looks me over, up and down, and scowls. "Need bear...You big...You need big fur". I just look up at the sky and tell him I am fine, but he counts on his fingers, "Or...75 rabbits..." I let out a long breath and tell him to shut up and go sit by the fire.

Soon, he comes over and hands me something. A slingshot? He made a slingshot? "You try". I stand with the new weapon and he hands me a rock to load. He points to a nearby tree. I pull back, take aim..."SNAP!!!"

I'm blind! I just know I'm blind! I drop the slingshot, holding my eye I roll on the ground, screaming like a little girl. Jesse picks up the slingshot, looks at it and shrugs, then throws it over his shoulder into the fire.

I yelled, still in severe pain, "What is wrong with you?!?" He just stares at me a moment, raising an eyebrow. "Not work" he says. "I know it didn't work, it broke and hit me in the eye!" I scream. He shrugs again.

We didn't need meat today. best we have eaten in 7 days. Jesse started talking and rambled on about the honor of his people and the rites of passage. I'm not really not sure what he is referring to, but I just let him ramble. I look at the sky, hoping for rescue soon.

Jesse curls up in his furs beside the fire and goes to sleep. before he drifts off, he mumbles, "Badger in woods. Sleep close to fire" I just watch the fire and sigh. Those furs sure do look comfortable.

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