Thursday, June 2, 2011


Got a lean-to built today. The skies are dark and the wind is picking up. We can hear wolves howling in the distance. Jesse got a fire started using old underwear to get it going. I would have never guessed they were that flammable, but they are Jesse's underwear, so go figure. We are out of pasta now, I told Jesse we should conserve our resources, but I woke up and he had passed out with pasta sauce all over his mouth and, well, no more pasta. We decided to set some traps with a few acorns we found, but the squirrels stole the nuts and sat on a tree branch watching us while they ate they were taunting us. Can squirrels laugh?

It's very cold tonight, but luckily we found some blankets in the closet. Who would have thought to check in the linen closet for blankets? Jesse got plenty of wood for the fire tonight. Four sticks should be more than enough I think. The wolves sound closer now, but we have Petey and Chancey on guard dog duty...not really for the wolves, but just in case those smart alec squirrels come back.

Two days now, and the radio is dead. Jesse used the batteries for his MP3 player and listened to the "Last Song' from the Lost Prophets over and over and fitting.

We will construct a manual powered radio system tomorrow if I can find a bike, a few coconuts, some vines, and few copper wires...and the Professor from Gilligan's Island.

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