Thursday, June 2, 2011


We thought we spotted a search plane today. Jesse ran to grab some wood to throw on the fire, one piece landed half in, half out of the fire when he threw the pieces on. I was trying to adjust the stick on the fire when I got too close. My hand still bandaged from the badger bite, the flames shot up and engulfed the wrappings.

I panicked and threw the stick away from me while Jesse yelled, "Stop, drop and roll, Dad! Stop drop and roll!" I patted my hand in the dirt to get the last of the flames out when Jesse ran over in a panic and helped by stomping out the rest of the flames for me...Yeah.

So the stick I threw that was still on fire...It landed on the makeshift lean-to we had constructed...

It's cold tonight, but the stars are really pretty.

We did manage to catch some fish today, well. more like minnows. Lucky we had some "Bait" left over from the rabbit Chancey and Petey shared last night. Stupid dogs. We had to wait til they were sleeping to get it.

Well, okay, that's not exactly true. We tried to take the rest of the rabbit from Chancey and Petey but it was a no go, but we got lucky and found a can of sardines. The story of us catching the fish ourselves sounded much better...Who am I kidding?

Still no sign of any beavers, but Jesse is persistent.

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