Thursday, June 2, 2011


AH HA!! We made spears today! Using sticks, a couple of knives and shoe strings, we are now WARRIORS of the WILDERNESS! Hooah!!!

I think I know where that badger lives, and he would be just as good to eat as any "Beaver" would be that Jesse is trying to catch. I told him as much, and I told him that I thought we should go after it. He slowly shook his head "No" with a strange look in his eyes.

I am dragging Jesse into the woods with me in a few minutes, we are going to get that badger! I will write and tell you how it goes when we return.


Dear Journal,

I should have paid more attention to Jesse saying "No". Things didn't go well at all. We found the badger, or should I say he found us? It's like he knew we were coming, I don't get it, how does he know?

As we rounded a tree, there he stood in our path. I raised my spear slowly, not wanting to startle him, my eyes locked onto the badgers beady little eyes, ready to strike...Did the badger just squint at me?...

I whispered to Jesse,"Okay Buddy, get ready...Jesse?...Jesse?!..." I turn around to look, and Jesse was already up in a tree looking down at me, the same look on his face as before, and he was shaking his head "No" again. That was when I heard the growling...It was then that I knew it was too late.

I don't remember much from that point. I think there may have been a body slam and possibly a Piledriver.

I tried to crawl away, really I did, and I have the dirt under my fingernails and the grooves dug into the forest floor to prove it, but the badger pulled me back into the match...I guess he just hadn't had enough.

It was then that it happened, like something out of a Hollywood movie. As the badger made sport of me, I looked up into the tree and there was Jesse...The light shown around him, I heard a chorus of heavenly angels singing, and everything seemed to go into slow motion. It was like Leonidas in the movie "300"...Jesse of Sparta...The war cry bellowed from his small frame, the scowl of battle was on his face. He jumped from the limb of the tree, spear pointed down, both hands gripping it like Ahab gripped the harpoon as he fought against Moby Dick...And at the last second...

The badger moved.

I'm not sure if it was the beating I had taken from the badger beforehand, or the pain from Jesse's spear being thrust into my leg that caused me to go unconscious, but as darkness closed around me, I am sure I could hear squirrels laughing again.

I awoke to the aroma of fish cooking on the fire. Jesse had caught them with his spear at the creek after, of course, he had pried it out of my leg. We ate well, on the right side of my mouth, anyway, the left side is still swollen.

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